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  1、good morning/afternoon,my name is yanghaiyan ,you can call me

  it is really a great honor to have this opportunity for a interview, i would like to answer whatever you may raise, and i hope i can make a good performance today.

  now i will introduce myself bright future,and i believe i can do well in crucial to most future careers,i will try my best. altough i just graduated from school, i have confidence to venture my funture.

  scoaring in the sky as an airhostess has been a dream for me since longing for a job on a plane, and this is why i’m standing here for this application will be granted ,so that i will delive my best servies throughout the world as a airhostess member of caac and my dream can come ture.

  2、My name is ZHangHang,I’m nineteen years old and I’m from ZhangQiu,JiNan,where there is a famous springs called BaiMai and there have been the hometown of the famous poet hometown is a very beautiful place with a long basketball, the personality is bright and very much,and I dream to be an excellent flight give me a chance.

  3、Hello, my name is XXX, 16, from XX school. From childhood, I have a dream, that is like a bird can fly in the sky, and now I finally have the opportunity to realize the dream of, if I can get this job, I’ll try my best to do everything, because I like this job, I often attend school activities organized by the school, also in the school student, I also exercise myself, so I am confident I can do this job, I love life, love dancing, love this job , so today I stand here. I’ll go to face with a smile. I hope I can very well today. 你好,我叫XXX,今年16岁,来自XX学校,从孩提时起我就有一个梦想,那就是能像鸟儿一样在蓝天中飞翔,现在我中终于有机会实现梦想了,如果我能得到这份工作,我会尽力做好所有的事情,因为我喜欢这份工作,我在学校里经常参加一些学校组织的活动,而且也是学校学生会的,在学生会我也锻炼了自己,所以我有信心能胜任这份工作,我热爱生活,热爱舞蹈,更热爱这份工作,所以今天我站在了这里。我会以微笑去面对。我希望我今天能表现的非常出色 Although I will not promise, but I will try to do the best it(虽然我不会承诺,但是我会尽力把它做到最好)Although my English is not good, but I will strive to change through future(虽然我的英语不好,但是我会通过今后的努力去改变)I did not understand what you say, please say it again you can do(我没听懂你说的什么,请可以再说一遍吗)Perhaps I really do not understand that I do, and I am sorry(可能是我真的不明白,我尽力了,不好意思 )


  Good morniing, dear judges!My name is ××. I' m honored to have this opportunity to paticipate in this interview.I'm 19 years old, from Hubei Province.I'm confident, outgoing and open-minded, so all the teachers and friends like me very much.I'm deeply attracted by flight attendents for their charming temperament.Their sweet smile and elegant appearance make me eager to become one of them.If you give me this opportunity, I will try my best to win every passenger's appreciation and love relying on my deligence, sincerity and passion.That's all for my speech, thank you!



  I: Tell me about yourself and your past experience.

  A: For the past 3 years, I have been working in China East Airlines Corporation Limited. I抦 very tolerant of people and have been told that this is one of my strengths. I feel I have a lot to offer as a team member.

  I: Why are you interested in this occupation?

  A: It抯 always been my dream to be a stewardess. And I like travelling to different places.

  I: What do you think is the chief charcteristic for a stewardess?

  A: Well, a stewardess should be friendly, courteous, patient and treat passengers kindly and politely.

  I: Do you get angry easily?

  A: No, I know how to control my temper.

  I: If a passenger had a accident, what would you do?

  A: I would give him or her basic first aid and ask my partner to call for assistance at the same time.

  I: If you are hired, when can you start work?

  A: I can begin to work right away because I am out of work now.

  I: What are your salary expectations?

  A: I really need more information about the job before we start to discuss salary. I殒 like to postpone that discussion until later. Maybe you could tell me what is budgeted for the position and how your commission structure works.

  I: 说说你自己和你过去的经历。

  A: 过去三年我一直在中国东方航空有限公司工作。我待人宽容,别人都说这是我的优点。我想作为团队一员,我能作出很多贡献。

  I: 你为什么对这个职业感兴趣?

  A: 成为一名空姐一直是我的梦想,而且我喜欢到各地旅游。

  I: 对空姐来说,你认为主要应该具备的品质是什么?

  A: 空姐应该待人友好、有礼貌、有耐心,对顾客和蔼、彬彬有礼。

  I: 你容易生气吗?

  A: 不,我知道怎样控制自己的脾气。

  I: 如果有乘客发生意外,你会怎么办?

  A: 我会为他/她做基本的急救,同时让同伴寻求救助。

  I: 如果你被录用,什么时候你能开始工作?

  A: 因为我目前没有工作,所以随时都可以。

  I: 你希望拿多少薪水?

  A: 在讨论薪水前,我需要更多了解这份工作。我希望迟点讨论这个问题,或者你可以告诉我这个职位的预算薪酬是多少,贵公司的佣金制度是如何运作的。

  imagine 想象 secondary 中级的

  flight attendant 空姐 eyesight 视力

  vision 视力 gesture 手势

  tolerant 宽容的 basic first aid 基本的急救护理

  temper 脾气 assistance 援助,协助

  作为空中小姐,懂得一些急救措施是非常必要的,所以即使你没有做过空中小姐,但如果做过护士,有护理经验(nursing experience),你尽可以把它当作自己的优势表现出来。

  1) What made you decide on this type of occupation?





  2)Do you know what are the responsibilities of the stewardess?





  3) What do you think are the chief characteristics of a stewardess?



  你认为空姐的主要品质 是什么?

  4) I can begin to work right away because I am out of work now.


  laid off

  between jobs



  I: What made you decide on this type of occupation?

  A: Oh, to tell you the truth, I love the sky. When I was a child, I imagined flying into the blue sky some day. Now, I think the day has come. My dream will come true. And I like travelling very much and I enjoy working with people.

  I: Can you make yourself understood in English without too much difficulty?

  A: Yes, I think I am quite fluent in English. I got the certificate of the Secondary English Training last month.

  I: Do you know what the responsibilities are for a stewardess?

  A: The main responsibility of the stewardess is to make the passengers relaxed and happy during the flight. And good service is also important.

  I: Are you in good health?

  A: I just had a complete physical examination and I am in top condition.

  I: Have you had any nursing experience?

  A: Yes, I have two years of nursing experience, and now I am working as a nurse in a hospital.

  I: How tall are you? What about your eyesight?

  A: My height is one meter and sixty-eight centimeters. I抳e never had any vision problems.

  I: What would you say are your strengths and weaknesses?

  A: One of my strengths is my friendliness and open-minded attitude and also I think I have a warm personality. But sometimes, I find it is hard to tell others when I don抰 like what they are doing.

  I: If a passenger can抰 understand what you say, what should you do?

  A: I抣l try to speak in another language or I抣l try my best to use gestures and draw pictures.

  I: 什么原因使你决定投身这个行业呢?

  A: 哦,说真的,我非常喜欢蓝天。小时候我就梦想自己有一天能飞上蓝天,现在我想这一天已经到了,我的梦想要实现了。而且我非常喜欢旅游,喜欢和人打交道。

  I: 别人容易明白你说的英语吗?

  A: 可以,我想我的英语很流利,上个月我拿到了中级英语培训证书。

  I: 你认为对空姐来说,主要的职责是什么?

  A: 主要职责就是让乘客在飞行途中能放松、快乐,而且好的服务也是很重要。

  I: 你现在身体很好吧?

  A: 我刚做了一次全面的体检,身体状况很好。

  I: 你有护理经验吗?

  A: 有,我有两年的护理经验,现在我就在一家医院当护士。

  I: 你多高?你的视力如何?

  A: 我身高168cm,视力没问题。

  I: 你认为你的优点和缺点是什么?

  A: 我优点之一就是待人非常友好、开朗,还有我的性格温和。但有时候,我发现很难告诉别人我不喜欢他们的所作所为。

  I: 如果有乘客听不懂你说的话,你该怎么办?

  A: 我会试着说另一种语言或者打手势、画图。

  Self-introductionHello everyone! My is......, from Qinzhou. I’m so glad to meet you, and I’m currently a student at Guangxi Textile Industrial School. my major is knitting. It’s my pleasure to join the CHAMPION training camp, because I love English and I hope I can learn something in the training for my future work. As we all know English is very useful in every field.My English is limited that’s why I’m here. I know it’s a huge challenge for me to conquer English, but I believe that "No pains, no gains, success belongs to the persevering", I hope I can learn more from you, Thank you!